A True Account of The Only Alien I ever Met

When you see my title, “A true account of the Only Alien I ever Met,” your first question might be: are you serious? Other writers talk freely about aliens, ETs, and creatures from other worlds. I, on the other hand, have never been interested in their shape or size, or their desire to rule or destroy the earth.

So, when I spotted a thing unlike any human or animal I had ever seen, I could only stare. Since I am not very good at descriptions, I can only say the creature had two eyes. I could not tell if it was standing or hovering, since I couldn’t tell if it was touching the ground.

I could defend myself if necessary. Yet I made no movement that might provoke the thing.

I wondered: Did it come in a transporter, like on Star Trek? Is it going to kidnap me and perform weird experiments on me? Was it waiting for backup, or worse, doing a word search for how to cook a human? When it didn’t move, I wondered if it were afraid of me like I was of it. I waited a long time for it to make a move.

I thought: If we communicated, would it speak English? Then without warning, I suddenly could read his thoughts. I had to believe it also knew what I was thinking. Mental telepathy, perhaps. Neither of us spoke, but we communicated.

It turned out his mission was not a hostile takeover of the planet. It had not planned to stop. They were just passing, and he needed a restroom—fast. I pointed him to a store across the street, but he communicated that their restrooms were for customers only. I suggested I go with him and make a purchase while he used the facilities.

“You’d do that for me?” he asked.

“Why not?” I answered.

It worked out fine. The creature was relieved and promised to drop in again when he was in the neighborhood.

He asked. “Would it be okay if I brought a friend?”