Who You Sleeping with Tonight

Hey, Buddy! How’s it going?
Pretty good for a Monday.

Do any business today?

Yeah. Pretty good day at the mall.
Their security people get dumber every year.

Through for the day?
Yep. Supper, TV, and bed—alone.

What happened to Dolly?
I got tired of her and passed her over to Jamal.

What about Pearl. She still around?
She turned out to be a nagger. I sent her packing.

Well, at least you’ve got a mutt to keep you company.
Rocky’s got fleas. He’s sleeping under the porch tonight.

So, who’s left?
I guess I’ll sleep with myself tonight.

Sleeping with your Self. That must be godawful.
I won’t get much sleep.

Can’t send your Self away, can you?
Tell me about it.