In honor of my wife and my mother.

Can you spot a good woman,
One you wouldn’t trade for “all the tea in China?”
Her husband trusts her,
And he’s never disappointed.
She’s a help to him for as long as she lives.
She starts her day early,
Seeing that her family are fed and clothed.
She manages her household well
And spends money wisely.
She is not afraid of hard work.
She knows the value of her contribution
And doesn’t quit till the job is done.
She takes cares of her own family
But doesn’t ignore the needy.
Everything she does, she does well.
She has the poise of a queen.
She doesn’t fret about the future.
She makes sense when she talks,
Speaks in a kindly manner,
And uses her time well.
Her children say, “We’re lucky she’s our mom.”
Her husband brags about her.
“Other women have their good points,” he says,
“But you’re number one!”
Smiles can fool you, and beauty is only skin deep,
But a woman who honors God is a keeper.
Everybody respects her,
Her good reputation is well deserved.