Do Not Marry for Love

Do not marry for love.
Like the tide, love flows and ebbs.
Like a selfish toddler, it’s never satisfied.
Like a fire, fuel spent, it dies out.

Do not marry for love.
Like a fever, love will overcome you.
Like the awe of Christmas time
When only the wrappings remain.

Do not marry for love.
You are not ‘prince and princess.’
No one lives ‘happily ever after.’
Love does not conquer all.

Marry her for the light in her eyes,
The reflection of the sun through her hair,
Her intoxicating smell, her beguiling smile.
Marry her for the shape of her hands.

Mary her for the tip of her nose,
Marry her for the warmth in her voice,
Marry her because you match,
Because she is strong.

Then comes love
That knows neither tide nor season,
That will not go away; that needs no stoking,
And blankets the soul like a snowy benediction.